Nutek Fortunejet 2512-4

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UV Lamps
2 UV lamps installed in the machine instantly dry the Ink. With option of changing the luminance of the lamp according to media also with option of instant Power On/Off without warm up time increases the performance of the lamp.
Vaccum Bed
Advanced Vaccum Absorpation enabaled Print bed Provides better media grip on the print bed.
Ink level Indication
Printers always indicates the current ink level in the main Tank.
Linear Guider
Dual linear guider with Rack & Pinion system in operation by 2 servo motors for y-axis movement provides complete peace of mind.
Control panel
Highly stable push button control panel eases the machine operation
Monitor Print Pressure
Special Air pressure monitor Unit to modify & maintain the vaccum suction power of the printbed.
Height Adjustment
You can check & adjust the height of the beam with the help of the Scale meter.