Welcome to Ess Dee Group

At the onset we wish to extend our heartiest warm greetings to our worthy clients for their whole hearted support and patronage, this inspired us to grow taller together. Having being founded in the year 1984, ESS DEE has in fact grown with the signage industry in India. Totally focused on market requirements we have had the privilege of introducing innovative products from time to time for facilitating converters and fabricators.

We have pioneered efforts to establish technical trends in signage industry. In this backdrop, our first major step was import of MULTICAL, self adhesive vinyl for plotter cutting and polycarbonate, POLYGLAS sheets in roll form in the year 1993-94. We also succeeded in establishing trend of bulk quantity import of these items, which gave leverage to signage technology.

Yet another innovative product introduced by us in the year 1998 was RIGID A-PET sheets to substitute for expensive sheets. In fact, we have introduced worldwide the concept of extruding rigid sheets in thickness range of 1.5mm from A-PET resin. During recent years we have introduced POLYSIGN, rigid plastic sheet which is a unique combination of economy and elegance. We also have complete range of FLEX FABRICS including Backlit, Banner flex for digital printing under the brand name of MULTIFLEX AND POLYFLEX (Premium quality range).

Also for the facilitation of signage industry Ess Dee Group has introduced NUTEK SERIES OF SOLVENT BASED PRINTERS, which can print on any media and are meant for improving the quality of signage and cut down the operational expenses in 6ft. And 8 ft. Width we have also had the pleasure of introducing DUAL HEAD technology in economic segment in solvent based printers in India. This doubles the printing speed.

Our latest accomplishment is the introduction of JUMBO PRINTERS (10.5Ft.) In solvent technology for the benefit of sign industry we have also introduced to market SOLVENT BASED INKS for all brands of solvent printers.

Once again our grateful thanks to our esteemed clients and patrons whose trust & confidence in fact, keeps motivating us to pursue new venture in Signage Machinery & Printers.


With warm regards

Yours Friendly