In today's competitive times having just a high cost quality equipment for business might actually prove to be a Disaster. The modern day business environment, especially the advertising, signage and photographic industry is all about meeting deadlines, delivering on time, giving consistent quality and finishing a project without overspending.

For all this you need to be able to depend on the costly equipments you purchase. You need to feel assured that my printer will get the job done, for moving strongly in the market, for taking bigger projects. It is this assurance that we can provide to you. Infact, just for ensuring that our customers can feel assured we have broadened our reach, reducing down time, and ensuring that we are with the customer when he requires us.

You cannot feel our presence, but we are everywhere, ensuring the sign and advertising industry runs un-interrupted and effectively.

Our qualified engineers are specially prepared through our Centralized Training Programs. Our single engineer carries with him experience of the 100 other engineers, as we regularly conduct interaction programs, where all engineers meet and discuss their daily experiences to share the knowledge gained.

Thus, our engineers have a broader viewpoint instead of the spiraling thoughts of some trained individuals who claim to be masters.

It is the strength of the ideologies of our organizations that constantly motivate our After Sales Engineers and the R&D team to come up with solutions.

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We shall reply you back within 12 hours

Download Help Topics & Guidelines: (PDF format, compatible with Acrobat 5.0 or higher)

Site Inspection Plan, for Nutek Leo series of Printers for knowing the requirements of the site where the machine is to be installed

Operational Guideline for Customers, for All Nutek Leo Models


These documents are password protected, to know the password mail to the above mentioned address, and ask for the password giving details about your company, and the problem you are facing.

More Help topics will be added periodically, so please comeback to check for latest versions of these documents.