About Us

We are one of India's leading advertising/signage/photography/engraving/scanner and projector services and product engineering company, providing value-added, complete advertising and signage solutions and services.

"With Nutek® Digital 1218HS, Nutek® Digital 1012ES and Nutek® Digital 1420 in the Photographic Industry"

People say we are the backbone of the advertising/signage/photography/engraving/scanner and projector industry, we say we are a drop in the ocean, our vision is to be the most preferred and significant solution provider in signage industry. we are on the way to provide most advanced technology that delivers the highest quality and most cost-effective signage solutions for advertising world.

At Ess Dee, we've cut our teeth on technology and that's what we understand best. We don't stop asking ourselves some basic questions: Is there a better solution? A different approach? A new technology? A more viable process? A more cost-effective proposition?

Our presence across 25 cities gives us national reach and a vast rollout support capability. Together with our formidable team of high-caliber professionals we have successfully positioned ourselves at the vanguard of the signage services revolution.

We continue to reiterate our key imperatives of focusing on our technology competencies and keeping pace with continuous growth and learning. We believe that in technology there are no half-measures.

Our growth has been a result of our unique business model, clearly defined growth strategies and the inspiration from our valuable clients.