Technology & Stability you can depend on

- Delivers higher printing demands with technology that provides higher production.

- Designed and built to deliver next generation print performance enabling you to print faster than ever.

- Print efficiently and Save Time with advanced technology.

- Printer achieves exceptional color quality every time.

- Stable & fast media movement with roll to roll media transmission.

- 3 Stage print drying system includes bed heater, infrared heater & drying fan.

- Unique Nutek Print Software allows complete control of machine from computer itself.

Achieve mass production with high quality prints

- Get life like sharp prints with Spectra Nova256 printheads.

- Accurate & smoother carriage movement with dual linear guider.

- More efficient data transfer with optical Fiber.

- Unique & versatile Colorprint Rip Software.

- Most suited and precisely calibrated ICC Profiles gives life like print results.

- Software automatically compensate the saturation, Safe-guarding and the image output.

- Take advantage of Nutek Operator Training Programme.