Direct Print on Sunboard, Sunpack, Wood, Acrylic, Glass, Marble, Leather, Tiles, Vinyl, Flex etc.

- Spectra head Printer - Can print on both Flexible or Rigid Media.

- Up to 1440 dpi Print Resolution. - Print upto 20mm thick media.

- Print Drying Speed of .02sec. - Dual UV Lamp.

- Variable Curing Intensity option increase efficiency thus lower the print cost.

- Automated Controlled Carriage Height adjustment.

- Highly Precised Carriage beam gives Quality prints at any height.

- Adanced Color Monitor System always provide actual Color always.

Special movement system. Nil Media wastage. Automatic up/down system.

Hybrid UV printers. Roll to Roll printing. Rigid media printing. Auto media detection system.

High intensity UV lamps. (-)ve pressure ink supply. High quality printer.

Safety equipment. Advanced controls.