Real Life Colours Plus Day Night Technology:-

Nutek Prime 3208 & 3212 utilizes “Colorprint PS 2.5” Software, an extremely advanced and professional raster Image Processor, which recognizes solid color blocks, gradient, text, skin and treats them differently to make the prints all time real, we call it “Day Night Technology”, additionally it uses ICC profiles for different input sources and output destinations to get real life colors.

High Speed Photo Realistic Quality:-

Nutek Prime 3208 & 3212 have been the most successful Xaar Print Head Machines due to its unique carriage design and extra smooth carriage moment, that enhance your printing speed and the feasibility to deliver the photo realistic quality. Unique Nutek Print Software allows Complete control of machine from computer itself.

Most Economical, Hassle free Operation:-

Nutek Prime 3208 & 3212 comes with state of art “Firejet” technology, for hassle free & most economical operation with Automatic Suction Cleaning system for extrareliability and ease. Another unique innovation to give the user most economical start up & shut-down cost but at the same time keeping the printheads in pristine order is the combination of the manual solvent cleaning & “Park-O-Wet” technology. Take advantage of Nutek Operator Training Programme.