Unique Interlacing Technology Provides Bandless Printing

Wave: The Interlapping lines printed in a pass are made in a Wave shape. When the next line interlaps on the previous one, it provides smooth prints, even if any printhead nozzle is blocked.

Feather: It leaves spaces in between and then fills up the blank to achieve more accurate printing.

Provides for all Current and Future Printing needs

- Bi Directional(X & Y) White Skip feature, Saves you Time & Produces High Production Speed.

- Improve efficiency with advanced Xaar Electron Printhead.

- Designed and built to deliver next generation print performance enabling you to print faster than ever (up to 55% faster).

- Printer achieves exceptional color quality every time. Experience New level of Stability and Functions

- Accurate & smoother carriage movement with linear guider.

- More efficient Data transfer with High Speed Usb & 2 Optical Fiber Cables.

- High Production and Lower Print Cost.

- Most suited and precisely calibrated ICC Profiles gives life like print results.

- Software automatically compensates the saturation, Safe-guarding and the image output.

- Unique Nutek Print Software allows complete control of machine from computer itself.

- Take advantage of Nutek Operator Training Programme.