Nutek Innovajet 3204(Nova) / Nutek Innovajet 3208(SM)

Achieve Indoor & Outdoor Application Versatility.

- American technology at it's heart and Indian running cost at it's core.

- A printing system that delivers great results on a wide range of media and expand your business.

- Print with rich color output and high resolution printing up to 360x1600ÜDpi(Max.).

- Get outstanding results on both indoor & outdoor print media.

- Get life like sharp prints with Spectra S class Printheads with Smaller drop size.

- Colorprint software. Most unique and versatile RIP.

- Widest Color Gamut and Precisely calibrated ICC profiles delivers excellent print quality.

- Unique Nutek Print Software allows complete control of machine from computer itself.

Deliver high speed, life like printing.

- Get more fast and stable print with latest & innovative technology.

- Stable & smoother carriage movement using THK thick guide rail that reduces errors on print.

- With Complete computer control & new invented automatic print technology using automated color calibration, reduces operator interruption and deliver quality prints.

- You save Media, Ink & Time.

- USB data connection.

- Bi-Directional White Skip Printing.

- Highest Carriage movement speed in it's class.

- Take advantage of Nutek Operator Training Programmed.